Hello & Welcome,

I am Kshitij Divakar, owner of this personal domain name, located in India, currently working as an assistant professor in a private college teaching computer science to novices.

I have planned to dedicate this site primarily for my own portfolio and help for clients to reach me, when I was working as technical support expert. But further, I have switched in teaching profession thus used it as sharing of study material, sample projects, notes, tips and tricks, programming tutorials etc.

I am extremely curious about anything worth exploring, doesn’t binds myself in any particular field. I do quickly gets bored so always needs something new to read, watch, listen, discuss, think, learn, explore around all fields.

At a moment I am interested in history, next moment you will find me exploring gardening, or cooking,or recycling or something else. I never know what I will do next.

It all depends on my mood.I am straightforward also so never gets stuck in bad situation and with people as I either leave the place or the person instantly or being blunt can say to leave if someone is sucking even a guest.

Just passionate about anything till the moment I didn’t gets bored. I love travelling, archaeology, ancient sciences, yoga, art, novels, stories, movies,  real world natural beauty of places, peoples,  survival techniques, challenges, adventure, shopping and  renewing things or places before & after.

All these details are for those, who are confused on variety of articles or posts you may found on my blog. So be aware, I may just disappeared whenever I want to disconnect or may be highly active whenever I am in mood.

If you like the approach its good, if not its great. Just visit for whatever purpose you have come here, contact me from contact us page if you like and just hope that I will respond.

My key phrases are  – live the life at full, be all the time overly positive, enjoy even sad moments  (and sad songs are also there), everything is fine, life is beautiful, be mindful, live in present, see only positive aspects even in negative things.

Enjoy the life till last breath and don’t forget to die.