Creating Classic Tween

To create a classic tween:

  1. Start Flash and open a blank document (ActionScript 3.0). Frame 1 in Layer 1 already contains a blank keyframe.
  2. Begin by adding a symbol to the Stage.Note: You may need to add a shape, image, or text first and convert the object to a new symbol.
  3. Select frame 10 or whichever u want.
  4. Select Insert > Timeline > Keyframe.The tween will last for 10 frames
  5. Make sure frame 10 is still selected and move the symbol to a new position on the Stage.
  6. Click between frames 1 and 10 in the timeline and select Insert > Classic Tween. The classic tween appears as light blue with an arrow
  7. Select frame 1 on the timeline (on the current layer).
  8. Adjust the position, color, or scale of the symbol in the starting keyframe
  9. Select frame 10, and adjust the position, color, or scale of the symbol to be as you want the animation to end.
  10. Select Control > Test Movie > In Flash Professional to test the movie.
  11. Close the preview window

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