Creating Web Photo Gallery in Photoshop

A web photo gallery is a web site that features a home page with thumbnail images and gallery pages with full-size images. Each page contains links (thumbnails) that allow visitors to navigate the full size images.

To Create a Web Photo Gallery

  1. Choose File >> Automate >> Web Photo Gallery. Dialog Box Appears.
  2. Choose a style from Styles pop‑up menu. A preview of the home page for the chosen style appears in the dialog box.
  3. (Optional) Enter an e-mail address as the contact information for the gallery.
  4. Choose the source files for your gallery from the Use menu.
  5. Click Destination, and then select a folder in which to store the images and HTML pages for the gallery.
  6. Select formatting options from the Options.
  7. Click OK. Photoshop places the following HTML and JPEG files in your destination folder:
    1. A home page for your gallery named index.htm or index.html, depending on the Extension options. Open this file in any web browser to preview your gallery.
    2. JPEG images inside an images subfolder.
    3. HTML pages inside a pages subfolder.
    4. JPEG thumbnail images inside a thumbnails subfolder.
  8. After running automated task and processing all the image, go to galleries destination folder and click on index.html file to open home page, navigate through thumbnail.


If Flash Style Chosen, There must be flash player installed on target system.

Creating a Web Photo Gallery in Photoshop

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