How to create animation using motion tween?

To create a motion tween

  1. Start Flash and open a new blank document (ActionScript 3.0)
  2. Draw a shape on the Stage.The shape appears in keyframe 1 of Layer 1.
  3. Covert the shape to a symbol using Modify>Convert to Symbol
  4. Right Click on Keyframe 1, Choose Create Motion Tween from Context Menu.
  5. A blue background on frames appears on time line with a black arrow as per frame rate of the document. It shows motion tween span.
  6. Select the shape with selection tool and move it from stage to end position target.
  7. A green motion guide with points appears, hover mouse over path to edit as required.
  8. Extend the motion tween span by dragging last frame up to required frame.
  9. Click Play to watch the motion tween, adjust motion path accordingly.
  10. During motion you can also transform the shape in Color, Fading(Alpha), and Size along with Position at Last Keyframe in Property Panel.

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