How to create visual or graphical effects in Flash CS6

In Flash, we can add interesting visual effects to text, buttons, and movie clips by adding Filters.

Applying graphic filters to symbols

To create a visual effect:

  1. Start Flash and open a new blank document (ActionScript 3.0).
  2. From the Tools panel, select a shape tool, such as the Rectangle tool.
  3. Draw your shape on the Stage and convert the shape to a button or movie clip symbol. (Don’t convert in graphical symbol, as filters doesn’t apply on them.).
  4. Select the symbol and Click the Add Filter button in the lower-left corner of the Properties panel to open the Add Filter menu (Figure 1).
  5. Select a filter, such as Bevel. Flash applies the filter to the symbol (Figure 2)
  6. Examine the filter properties in the Properties panel (Figure 3)
  7. Experiment with the bevel properties to see the affect on the symbol.
  8. With the symbol still selected, click the Add Filter button and apply another filter, such as Blur.
  9. Flash adds the second filter to the symbol, as shown in the Properties panel (Figure 5). It does not replace the existing filter.

Removing and disabling visual effects

To remove or disable an effect:

  • Select the object from which you want to remove a filter.
  • In the Properties panel, select the header for the filter you want to remove.You can disable a filter (turn it off without removing it). You can also remove the filter from the symbol.
  • Click the Enable Or Disable Filter button (eye) at the bottom of the Properties panel (Figure 6).The properties for the filter are hidden and a red X appears in the filter header in the Properties panel (Figure 7).
  • Click the Delete Filter button (trash can) at the bottom the Properties panel (Figure 6).The effect is removed completely from the symbol and the Properties panel .

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