Overview of the Adobe Flash Professional CS6 workspace

Elements of Flash CS6 Workspace

  • Stage
  • Pasteboard
  • Tools Panel
  • Properties Panel (Property Inspector)
  • Timeline Panel


In a Flash document, the center of your workspace, called the Stage, is where the action happens.

The Stage is the visible area of your movie, where you place graphics and build animations.


The gray area surrounding the Stage is the pasteboard; artwork you place or create here is not included in your final movie.

Tools Panel

The Flash Tools panel includes everything you need to create, select, or edit graphics on the Stage. You can use the double arrows at the top of the Tools panel to collapse the panel to icon-only view, or to expand the panel and see all the tools.

Properties Panel (Property Inspector)

The Property Inspector is an essential part of the Flash workflow; it can display and set an object’s properties, including width, height, position, and fill color.

Grouped with the Library panel, it displays properties and options for objects selected on the Stage, and also allows you to modify them.

The Property Inspector is contextual, and so the information it displays is specific to the tool or object you select.

Timeline Panel

Timeline is the heart of the action, where you create animations and sequence graphics with sound, video, and controls.

The Timeline comprises frames, each one representing a point in time, just like a historical timeline.

Graphics and animations are placed at specific points, or keyframes, along the Timeline to create sequences, slide shows, or movies.

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