Preparing Indian Passport Size Photos in Photoshop

It common to prepare passport size photo on daily basis on print shop, thus creating a recorded action is better for re-usability.


Indian passport application form requires a front facing photo with 4.5 cm. X 3.5cm. with white background.

To Record an Action for a Prefect Passport Size Photo:

  1. Choose File >> Open and Open photo. Touch up, straighten and make white background manually.
  2. Choose Window>>Actions or Press Alt + F9, Actions Panel will open.
  3. Click “Create new set” from bottom bar of the panel, name the set “PassportSizePhoto”.
  4. Click “Create new action”, Type Name – “Passport Size 4 x 6”, Choose Function Key F12 from drop down, Click Ok. Action recording will be started.
  5. Select Crop Tool, set width – 3.5 cm, height – 4.5 cm and resolution 300, Press Enter.
  6. Adjust and Crop the Picture and Press Enter.
  7. Check the toggle action before crop action recorded so that each time action runs it asks to crop you manually the photo as they may be of differently taken.
  8. Press Ctrl+A to Select Photo
  9. Press Ctrl+C to Copy
  10. Press Ctrl+N to Open New Blank File with same dimensions as crop.
  11. Paste Photo, Merge Layers with Ctrl+E
  12. Select Edit>>Stroke, Give 1 px black stroke from center.
  13. Deselect photo and Go to image>>image size, select pixels in drop down with 108 in width and height.
  14. Press Ctrl+A and Give stroke same as in step 12.
  15. Select All after giving stroke, copy.
  16. Open new document with dimension 6 x 4 or required size.
  17. Paste using Ctrl+V, arrange and duplicate layer as many times to fill sheets as required.
  18. Stop Action Recording, Close All Files.
  19. Open any file to create passport size photo.
  20. Open Action Panel, Select Passport Size 4 x 6 action, Click Play Selection or Press F12 to run action.
  21. Crop the photo when asked, further processing takes place and automatically created passport size photograph sheet.
  22. Reuse action whenever required to create one click passport size photo.

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