Understanding Flash CS6 Tools panel

The Flash Tools panel

The Flash Tools panel includes everything you need to create, select, or edit graphics on the Stage.

Selection Tools

  • Selection – Moves selections or layers
  • Subselection – Selects and moves points on a path
  • Free Transform- Resizes, rotates, and skews objects
  • Lasso – Makes selections
  • 3D Rotation- Rotates objects in 3D space

Drawing and Text Tools

  • Pen – Draws a vector path
  • Text – Creates a text box
  • Line- Draws straight lines
  • Shapes- Draws vector shapes
  • Pencil- Draws freehand paths
  • Brush- Draws freehand filled areas
  • Deco- Creates patterns using symbol

Color Tools

  • Ink Bottle- Applies or modifies strokes
  • Paint Bucket- Applies or modifies fills
  • Eyedropper- Samples colors and styles
  • Eraser- Erases artwork
  • Bone- Creates Inverse Kinematic objects

Navigation Tools

  • Hand- Navigates the page
  • Zoom- Increases or decreases the relative size of the view

Stroke and Fill color selectors

  • Stroke Color- Selects stroke (outline) color
  • Fill Color- Selects fill (inside) color
  • Default Stroke/Fill- Sets stroke and fill to default colors: black and white
  • Swap Colors- Swaps stroke and fill colors
  • No Color- Sets selected color to none

Tool Options

  • Snap to Objects- Enables snapping between objects on the Stage.

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